Everyman Maida Vale

History of Everyman Cinemas:

Also known as Everyman Media Group plc – Everyman Cinemas were founded in 2000 by Daniel Broch who is a renowned entrepreneur in the UK. Before its foundation, the first original Everyman Cinema came into existence back in 1933 when it was a prominent theatre in Hampstead. After surviving the sixty-seven years of hard struggle, the theme of the theatre was changed to Cinema and date, Everyman Cinema flourishingly progressing towards the future. The first eight years of Everyman Cinema were indeed hard as Broch sold most of the stakes to expand the cinema. In fact, he succeeded in 2008, when the acquired the Screen Cinemas at different locations. This is the perfect time for its expansion and Broch refurbished the areas to open some cinemas around the UK, including the famous Maida Vale Everyman. Today every cinematic branch of Everyman Cinemas has one to five screens, in which some support 3D graphics. In 2013, the first everyman Cinema was opened in Leeds, which was also the first Everyman Cinema in the entire Northern England.

History of Maida Vale Everyman:

Maida Vale Everyman was opened in November 2011. It currently has two screens, both of which are relatively small as compare to other large screens in cinemas, but it sure has an enormous auditorium that can accommodate plenty of people at a time. What makes this place one the best cinemas are the two-seater sofas and comfy seats with ample of legroom. People can see a small bar right after walking up the stairs followed by a functioning kitchen that offers delicious food. Don’t worry the pricing for food and drinks is affordable. Everyman Maida Vale is located at 215 Sutherland Avenue, Maida Vale, London. The cinema is adjacent to the Maida Vale Station by a three-minute walk. Most visitors describe their first glance on the cinema as ‘unlike place to have a cinema’. Despite the mouth-watering food offered at kitchen like shitaki mushrooms, funghi pizza, and hummus with fresh bread, no one is allowed to take food inside the cinema, but you can take the drinks and snacks like popcorn with you.

Everyman Maida Vale:

Everyman Maida Vale holds weekly and daily Q&A sessions followed by a mixed programme that elevates the excitement of the cinema. Tickets start at £14.50, but you can also get a subscription to different types at £55 a year. Everyman Maida Vale is quite different from other cinemas as they don’t have comfy sofas and if you’re visiting alone then there’s a chance you might get the armchair seat.

Taxi to Everyman Maida Vale:

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Everyman Maida Vale Address: 215 Sutherland Ave, Maida Vale, London, UK

Everyman Maida Vale Number: +44 871 906 9060

Everyman Maida Vale Postcode: W9 1RU

Everyman Maida Vale Opening Times: 8 AM till last movie listing from Monday to Sunday

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