Maida Vale Medical Centre

History of Maida Vale Medical Centre:

Maida Vale Medical Centre said to have a century-old history of being one of the prominent medical centres in London. According to the hospital’s websites, Maida Vale Medical Centre unofficially came into being in the first decade of 1900 when Dr E. Wright, great-grandfather of Dr H.E Wright, started his medical practice at the medical centre. Although the origin is still not confirmed as to how long the centre had been serving as a centre of medical excellence, it sure confirms contributing in the second world war.

The Wright Legacy:

Being the founder of practice at Maida Vale Medical Centre – Dr E. Wright was a passionate medical practitioner who served not only in Maida Vale Medical Centre but also participated voluntarily at other medical institutes in London, especially during the wartime. The Wright family continued to follow the footsteps of Dr E. Wright as, after him, Dr E.T Wright, son of Dr E Wright held the responsibility of Maida Vale Medical Centre as leading practitioner. Dr D.A Wright, son of Dr E.T Wright, took over from where his father left and expanded the Maida Vale Medical centre by introducing more rooms and brought improvements to the building. Apart from these historical figures, these facts are yet to be confirmed by blood-member from the wright family. Dr D.A Wright retired as a surgeon in February 1991 and handed over the centre to Dr H.E Wright.

Maida Vale Medical Centre:

Today Maida Vale Medical Centre is curing hundreds of patients daily, catering all kinds of routine medical attention. The support staff is available 24/7 to respond to any medical query; the centre has excellent practitioners and clinicians from around the UK with professional and skilled diagnosing abilities. Maida Vale Medical Centre offers several amenities to make the centre more adaptive and friendly for those who hate going to hospitals. Maida Vale Medical Centre executes all operations under the supervision of NHS England, that’s why it recommends the patients register so that NHS could create a patient record. Maida Vale Medical Centre is located on Elgin Avenue, Maida Vale, London.

How Can I reach Maida Vale Medical Centre?

Taxi to Maida Vale Medical Centre is always available with us and you can travel to Maida Vale Medical Centre by bus, or tube as both stations are located near Warwick Avenue, or you can always rely on Maida Vale Taxi for hassle-free low-cost rides anywhere in London at any time. It will only cost £6.00 with One2One Cars.

Maida Vale Medical Centre Address: 40, Biddulph Mansions, Elgin Ave, Maida Vale, London, UK

Maida Vale Medical Centre Postcode: W9 1HT

Maida Vale Medical Centre Number: +44 20 7286 6464

Maida Vale Medical Centre Opening Times: 

Days Timing
Monday 8:30 AM -1 PM, 2–6 PM, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Tuesday 8:30 AM to 1 PM, 2 PM to 5 PM
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday CLOSED
Friday 8:30 AM to 1 PM, 2 PM to 6 PM
Saturday 8:30 AM to 1 PM, 2 PM to 6 PM
Sunday 8:30 AM to 1 PM

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