Maida Vale Studios

History of Maida Vale Studios:

Built-in 1909 – BBC Maida Vale Studios first came into being like the famous Maida Vale Club and Roller Skating Palace with seating arrangement for 2620 people. It served the purpose of it for 26 years until undergoing architectural reduction, the skating rink abridged and rebuilt again in resemblance to a shell. Sadly, this was the end of the Roller Skating Palace as the Ministry of Health took over for offices. This phase took 15 months, and during this time BBC embarked on the club to debut ‘BBC Symphony Orchestra’ in 1934. Apart from events and shows based on Orchestra, BBC Maida Vale Studios had contributed to the second world war by broadcasting war-themed radio transmissions. Since the day of its inauguration, BBC Maida Vale Studios is flourishing with fame and success followed by witnessing thousands of famous musicians around the world.

Maida Vale Studios During World War II:

The second world war destroyed thousands of homes by taking millions of lives, but it did not stop there. Sports and Entertainment were thrashed too during the war when the war started, BBC Maida Vale Studios was evacuated and shifted to Bristol and later to Bedford. Interestingly, the BBC Maida Vale Studios continued to play during the war even though it was damaged during the bombardment. The operator used to repair the damaged equipment and maintain to broadcast BBC Symphony Orchestra till the end of the war. The BBC Symphony Orchestra of BBC Maida Vale Studios has been playing and recording for almost 75 years.

How Can I Travel to BBC Maida Vale Studios?

People who are interested in visiting the historically steeped, unnavigable, unique and extraordinary BBC Maida Vale Studios can use the following mediums of transportation:

  • Travel to BBC Maida Vale Studios by Car – the complex is located on Delaware Road, Maida Vale, London right in the midst of Sutherland Ave and Elgin Ave. Maida Vale Studios does not have parking space, but the street parking is free and starts at 6:30 pm daily, this parking can be spotted by yellow lines on the road. Visiting BBC Maida Vale Studios in the daytime may not be a good idea as the street parking is jam-packed and also have meters at the time.
  • Travel to BBC Maida Vale by Bus – The nearest bus stop from BBC Maida Vale Studios is located at Warwick Avenue. If you’re coming from outside Maida Vale, then the cost of travelling may be between £5 to £10.
  • Travel to BBC Maida Vale by Train – You can use the Tube which fast and convenient for those travelling from outside to BBC Maida Vale Studios. You can use the Bakerloo Line (Maida Vale) or Warwick Avenue to hop on the tube
  • Travel to BBC Maida Vale by Taxi – One of the best ways to reach BBC Maida Vale Studios is by taxi, and One2One Cars is an extraordinary taxi company who offers lowest, safest, and 24/7 rides anywhere in London. Enjoy Taxi to BBC Maida Vale Studios with Maida Vale Taxi in just £6.00 locally.

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