Top 5 Historical Facts About Maida Vale

Maida Vale is standing at few minutes distance from the London, the capital of England. With exquisite food and restaurants chain to classical music history, Maida Vale has created a space for its excellent reputation. However, there are many facts about Maida Vale that locals and admirers don’t know or don’t bother recalling them.

Here’s a list of top 5 historical Maida Vale facts that you didn’t know before.

  1.      Maida Vale is a Pub

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Many people today don’t know the name origin of Maida Vale; some say it was mentioned first mentioned in the Domesday Book Survey in 1086 while others argue on its Roman origin. In reality, Maida Vale was the name of a pub, ‘Hero of Maida’. It was a local and most common inn for the locals to enjoy drinks. This hero was General Sir John Stuart who fought numerous battle including the famous one Maida Italy. Vale means Valley, and thus Maida Vale was chosen as the name of the town to pay tribute to him.

  1.      English Code Cracker

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Alan Turing was a renowned army computer scientist, cryptanalyst, Mathematician, philosopher, and theoretical biologist. Alan was responsible for cracking German codes to know locations of bombings and saved thousands of lives. He was the man who contributed to ending the war. Interestingly, Alan was born at Colonnade Hospital in Maida Vale.

  1.      The Music Town

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Maida Vale is on top when it comes to music studios, Maida Vale Studios, a BBC radio broadcasting and music recording complex where hundreds of renowned musicians have come to record and sing classical hits. Maida Vale is also famous to have BBC Symphony Orchestra still recorded at Maida Vale Studios in Maida Vale.

  1.      No Men Allowed

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When Maida Vale inaugurated its first tube station in 1915, the management thought to have all-female staff for it. Therefore, they went with the decision, and Maida Vale Tube Station stayed as the only station in the UK to have all female staff. The only male staff member was the Stationmaster who was given responsibility to look-after three stations at a time.

  1.      Maida Vale was a Jewish Area in London

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Before General Sir John Stuart’s efforts to boost m the rale of the soldiers after defeated by the Austerlitz. Maida Vale was populated with Jewish families and it was called the ‘British Sephardi Community’ and ‘Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue 1896’. There were more Jews than any other ethnicity and therefore, the area was named as the Jewish district to honour the residents. Sadly, their stay did not last long.

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