Top 5 Facts About Fulham

Fulham is a small area located in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. It is situated in the midst of Charing-cross and River Thames, facing London in West. From parish history to sports uniqueness, Fulham has impressed thousands of what it offers to its admirers. But there’s still a lot of things that people don’t know about it so, here’s a list of top 5 facts about Fulham that you may have missed.

  1.      Britain’s 1st Speed breaker

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(Photo: Arthur Compton, inventor of speed breakers)

Everyone loves to drive and UK’s streets and roads are amongst the 5 best roads in the world for driving. However, in the last decades of 20th century, there were several fatal accidents that were reported due to over speeding and could have prevented if there was anything physical that could slow down the car. Thus, the first speed bump was installed in Fulham on Linver Road and Alderville Road in 1984. Fulham became the first area in the Britain to have road-prevention strategy.

  1.      First Boxing Match

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Boxing has been in-play for thousands of years; the first boxing match evidence is reported to be from 336 BC played somewhere in Greece. The famous Stamford Bridge Stadium (formerly Lillie Bridge sports ground) in Fulham is a site to have first amateur boxing match held in 1867. Marquess of Queensberry provided the winning cups and thus Queensberry Rules in boxing were introduced.

  1.      Director’s Cut

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Fulham has been the top-notch choice for movie directors and producers due to its fine beauty and much more. Several famous movies including the famous the L-Shaped Room (1962) and the Omen (1976). Apart from these, several other uncredited films were shot for a small duration in Fulham.

  1.      Fulham’s Famous Celebrities

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Are you a Harry Potter Fan? Who isn’t but did you know that the leading star of Harry Potter – Daniel Radcliffe was born in Fulham? Not only him but famous celebrities like Lysette Anthony, John Hollis, Hazel Douglas, Gerry Cowper, Joan Benham, Bernard Archard and much more started their career being from Fulham.

  1.      Oldest Professional Football Team

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Fulham FC or Fulham Football Club a representative football team of Fulham that plays national and international leagues. One thing that intrigues the football lovers is that the Fulham FC is one of the oldest and most professional football teams in London. It came into being in 1879 and has produced thousands of skilled players.


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