Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace History:

Kensington Palace

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Prior to serving the British Royal Family, the history of Kensington Palace started in the 17th century when the palace was Jacobean mansion consisting of two-storeys. It was originally built by Sir George Coppin in 1605 precisely in one of the Kensington villages.

Due to utmost royal significance and beauty, 1st Earl of Nottingham, Heneage Finch acquired ownership of the palace in 1619. For the time being, the palace spread influence as Nottingham Palace. In 1689, King William III and Queen Mary II joined hands to undertake the royal throne. In search of the new residence, both quick-glanced over the Nottingham palace and finalised it as their residence of continuation. King William bought the palace in £20,000 from 2nd Earl of Nottingham (Secretary of State Daniel Finch).

Kensington Palace Facts:

Did you know?

Queen Anne was impregnated 17 times at Kensington Palace, unfortunately, no child survived to adulthood

Notable Palace Residents of Kensington Palace:

  • Kensington Palace During 18th Century – After King William III’s death, Anne, Queen of Great Britain lived at the Kensington Palace. She also had the palace refurbished, renovated and designed gracefully to modify the beauty of the palace. George-I took over the palace after Queen Anne’s death in 1714 and created more staterooms, Withdrawing Room, Cupola Room, and Privy Chamber
  • Kensington Palace During 19th Century – An apartment was built to accommodate the Prince Augustus Frederick, sixth son of George II and also Duke of Sussex, he died in 1843. All he possessions were sold and Kensington Palace was resided by Duchess of Inverness until 1873.
  • Kensington Palace During 20th Century – the palace was used by Irish Soldiers and Irish POWs during World War I. Some notable palace residents of the 19th century include Countess of Athlone, Duchess of Albany, Earl of Athlone, Princess Helena, Princess Elizabeth I & II, Prince Marina, Duchess of Kent, King George-I. Each resident made constructional modification upon satisfaction and delightfulness to amplify the beauty of Kensington Palace.

Facts Kensington Palace:

Did you know?

Queen Victoria was born in the palace and also baptised/christened in the Cupola Room at Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace is a renowned Tourist Attraction:

Kensington Palace

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Hundreds of people today visit the marvellous Royal Kensington Palace for its fascinating rich interior and fine beauty of Kensington Gardens, pond and fountains, the King’s Gallery inside the palace, Sunken Garden, and 360-view of the Kensington Palace.

What is the cost of a taxi to Kensington Palace?

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Kensington Palace

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How to reach Kensington Palace?

Interested individuals can use the following public transport to reach the palace.

Getting to and from Kensington Palace:

Travel to Kensington Palace by Train – the palace is quite near to main train/tube/metro stations such as Notting Hill Gate Station W11 3JS, Queensway Station W2, Bayswater Station W2 3RH, Knightsbridge Station SW1, Hyde Park Corner Underground Station SW1x 7LY

Travel to Kensington Palace by Car – use A3220 or A4202, or Holland Park Avenue or Westway A40 to reach the Kensington Palace

Travel to Kensington Palace by Bus/Coach – following are the nearest bus/coach stops to the palace. Prince of Wales (Stop RA), Victoria Gate (Stop LD), Lancaster Gate Station (LH), Lancaster Gate Station (Stop LC), Hyde Park Street (Stop D), Hyde Park Street (Stop B), Bayswater Road (Stop A), and London Marble Arch, for Stansted

Travel to Kensington Palace by Taxi – amongst the finest ways to visit the palace is by taxis. You can request taxi to Kensington Palace from anywhere in Kensington at reasonable pricing quotes with Taxis Kensington.

Kensington Palace

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What are the contact details of Kensington Palace?

Here are some basic contact details for the Kensington Palace:

  • Kensington Palace Address – Kensington Gardens, Kensington, London, UK
  • Kensington Palace Postcode – W8 4PX
  • Kensington Palace Phone Number – +44 20 3166 6000
  • Kensington Palace Opening Times – 10 AM to 4 PM from Monday to Sunday

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