Paddington Bear

Paddington Bear History:

Paddington Bear

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The history of Paddington Bear first came under notice when Michael Bond, creator of the Paddington Bear, saw a lone bear at Paddington Station W2 1HB on the Christmas eve of 1956. Bond bought the bear as Christmas present for his wife, which ultimately led him to write a book. On October 13th, 1958, ‘A Bear Called Paddington’ was published by William Collins & Sons.

After the publication, Padding Bear became an instant hit and toy manufacturers launched stuffed toy Padding Bear in 1972 for children.

Interesting Facts About Padding Bear:

Did you know?

Michael Bond was so inspired by the bear that he wrote the first book in just ten days.

Padding Station and Paddington Bear:

Paddington Bear

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The story of Paddington Bear starts from Paddington Railway Station when a Brown Family from London finds the bear on their luggage with a note ‘Please look after this bear’. Bond said that the story was written to shed light upon children evacuation from London during World War II. Each child was labelled and tagged around necks for notice.

This may be the original version of Padding Train station, but there are several other books that continue to collect Paddington Bear’s memorable journey from place to place.

What are the contact details of Paddington Railway Station?

Below are the contact details of Paddington Railway Station:

  • Paddington Railway Station Address – Praed Street, Paddington, Greater London, UK
  • Paddington Railway Station Postcode – W2 1HQ
  • Paddington Railway Station Number – +44 345 711 4141
  • Paddington Railway Station Opening Times – 5 AM until Midnight (or 24/7) – Timings are not confirmed

Paddington 2014 – Movie:

Paddington Bear

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In 2014, Paul King, famous director & writer, decided to direct a movie based on Padding Bear ‘Paddington (2014)’. The movie is a near-exact version of the book and if you have or have not read the Paddington Bear books then this movie is for you. It is a Paddington Bear origin movie that starts from London Paddington Station and gets picked up by a brown family.

Paddington 2 2017 – Movie:

Paddington Bear

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Another masterpiece of Paul King, Paddington 2 (2017) is a sequel to its first movie and continues from where it ended. This part is as well the continuation of the Paddington Bear book series which highlights Paddington Bear’s affection towards his Aunt Lucy and decides to get a gift for her 100th birthday.

Some Googled Facts About Paddington Bear:

What is the address of Paddington Bear?

The address of Paddington Bear is 32 Windsor Gardens, Notting Hill, UK. But this is a fictional address and does not exist.

Paddington Bear is not derived from Winnie-the-pooh. Both are completely different characters with absolutely different origin from a different storyline.

Paddington Bear is not a pirate, despite its Peruvian origin, Paddington Bear has different stories about his past related by Bond in his books.

Is Paddington Bear real?

No, Paddington Bear is a fictional character created by Michael Bond who saw a stuffed bear on Paddington Station on Christmas eEveof 1956.

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