Hammersmith Hospital

Hammersmith Hospital History:

Hammersmith Hospital

(Photo: Hammersmith Hospital in 1984 captured by John Sturrock, Network – Source)

Hammersmith Hospital was established in 1912 but according to some online sources and offline records London Borough of Brent, the history of Hammersmith Hospital started in 1902 when this year was marked as the origin of Hospitals in Hammersmith. The Board of Guardians (Poor Law Guardians) decided to lay the foundation of an infirmary and workhouse on Du Cane Road (north of Shepherd’s Bush).

Initially, Hammersmith Infirmary was established to provide care for smallpox victims because there was a life-threatening epidemic that took place in 1901-2.

Hammersmith Hospital During World War I:

Hammersmith Hospital

(Photo: Wounded Soldiers of WWI at Military Orthopaedic Hospital – Source)

Hammersmith Infirmary completed 14 years of successfully treating patients until the infirmary site was taken over by the military for War Office (A British Military Administration office). However, Hammersmith Hospital was still used as a hospital but now as Military Orthopaedic Hospital especially to treat wounded war soldiers during World War I in 1916.

Amongst the contributing panel was Sir Robert Jones (1st Baronet) who was a renowned orthopaedic surgeon. In fact, Sir Jones was one of the first to establish the ‘modern speciality of orthopaedic in Great Britain’.

Hammersmith Hospital was awarded £10,000 grant twice (1916 and 1918) for its contribution in the WWI.

Imperial College London:

Hammersmith Hospital

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In 1997, Hammersmith Hospital affiliated with Royal Postgraduate Medical College which later merged into Imperial College London SW7 2AZ. This and few other Hammersmith Hospital’s medical affiliation strengthened the postgraduate studies taught at the facility and became the first Academic Health Science Centre in the UK.

In 2000, Hammersmith Hospital shared the infirmary site with Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital. Both hospitals provide excellent medical care and treatments and run under Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. With the passage of time, Hospital Hammersmith has introduced several medical services, courses, and amalgamated with research institutes to expand spread medical education, accessibility, and awareness.

Today Hammersmith Hospital is one of the top-notch special surgical hospitals in London with 349 beds for patients, a teaching facility, and no emergency department.

Hammersmith Hospital

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What are the contact details of Hammersmith Hospital:

Below you may find essential contact details for Hammersmith Hospital:

  • Hammersmith Hospital Address – Du Cane Road, Shepherd’s Bush, Hammersmith, London, UK
  • Hammersmith Hospital Postcode – W12 0HS
  • Hammersmith Hospital Phone Number – +44 20 3313 1000
  • Hammersmith Hospital Opening Hours – Open 24 Hours a Day

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