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Chelsea Fixtures:

Chelsea FC

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Chelsea FC is the official football club of Chelsea, UK, it has been in the football game since 1905. Chelsea F.C has embarked numerous prosperous ships which have brought nothing but victory, fame and professionalism. In fact, Chelsea FC is amongst the top most highly anticipated professional football clubs in the world.

Chelsea FC is currently playing the Premier League 2017-18 and performing quite well in the games. You can view the Chelsea FC Fixtures & Results online or on your smartphone by downloading the Chelsea F.C Fixtures Calendar.

Chelsea FC Current Position:

Chelsea FC

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Chelsea FC is currently at the 4th position with 23 Match Points, Chelsea has won 14 matches, faced 4 unfortunate defeats, and drawn 5 matches. The team above Chelsea FC are Manchester City FC, Manchester United FC, and Liverpool FC at 1st 2nd and 3rd spot.

Apart from the ranks, Chelsea has beaten Man United FC on several occasions and believes to do it again in upcoming matches. Not to underestimate the Tottenham FC, they have the same game points as Chelsea but down to one rank from the club.

Chelsea FC News & Updates:

Chelsea FC

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According to local sports news, Chelsea FC is seeking an opportunity to sign Alexis Sanchez who currently plays for Arsenal FC. Antonio Conte, head coach of Chelsea FC in Premier League, said that they are looking forward to making this transfer (revealed on Friday, 12th January 2017).

However, Chelsea FC has not made any official and formal transfer offer to Alexis Sanchez. José Mourinho, head coach of Manchester United FC, stated that Chelsea FC is trying to interrupt the Manchester United’s attempt to transfer Sanchez but he also believes that Mkhitaryan, a midfielder for Manchester United FC, could become a deal breaker for Arsenal FC.

As for now, Chelsea FC has not contacted the Arsenal Football Club until Monday night as they are figuring out the salary structure that must meet Sanchez’s pay demands.

Chelsea FC Players 2018:

Chelsea FC

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Adjacent to the aforementioned transfer rumours, below you may find the current team players of Chelsea FC:

Chelsea FC First Team:





Chelsea FC

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Contact Details of Chelsea FC:

  • Chelsea FC Address – Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road, Chelsea London, UK
  • Chelsea FC Postcode – SW6 1HS
  • Chelsea FC Phone Number – +44 20 7835 6000
  • Chelsea FC Stadium – Stamford Bridge Stadium

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